The proverb of the Three Wise Monkeys finds its roots in the Shinto religion from Japan. Though the interpretation of this figure is open to debate, I found the philosophy of the three monkeys to be linked to two important concepts in yoga : the yama “ahimsa” (non-violence) and “satya” (truthfullness). For me, “see no evil” teaches us to see and accept the reality as it is,  not as we interprete it. “Speak no evil” teaches us to ponder our words so they are not harming nor misleading others. “Hear no evil” teaches us to not interpret wrongly what we hear, and to use discernment.

The title of my website came from this idea. I think these are important concepts to implement in our every day life, as well as in our movement practice.

Monkeys are also associated with agility, natural movement, suppleness and playfulness. Adding the term “wise” made me think of the notion of knowledge and care ; I believe that if we move wisely, with understanding and control, we can develop not only a better awareness of our bodies, but also a more sustainable movement practice.