My current teaching puts an emphasis on function versus shapes ; I like to guide my students into a practice where there is a “why” behind every movement. In my classes, I’m exploring beyond the yoga world where I initially come from, by incorporating other movement modalities, always performed mindfully and with compassion. In my opinion, our movement practice should serve us in our everyday life movements, so we can maintain our physical abilities for as long as possible.

I often encourage my students to explore movements on their own and remind them to leave behind the idea of moving “right” or moving “pretty”. I believe there are no wrong ways to move ; there are only movements that are preferable to achieve certain goals.

Progression is a key element in my teaching. Instead of focusing on achieving a certain pose, I like to destructure movement in different components, and work on them separately. That’s how we can understand how to activate and isolate certain areas of our body. As a result, not only we increase our body awarness, but we also tend to compensate less, by restoring a balance between muscles we overuse and muscles we underuse. It makes it easier to gradually work towards what I call a “controlled fluidity”.

Throughout the practice, I like to emphasis the importance of the breath and the observation of the sensations in the body ; it helps to deepen the harmony between body and mind while encouraging us to be more mindful. My goal is that after the the class, my students not only feel better physically and mentally, but that they also learned something new about their bodies.

In September 2020, I branded my classes under the name Mouvements Modernes® ; a movement practice that is multidisciplinary and non-dogmatique, promoting critical thinking and self-exploration.