Cours Individuel

Receive special care and attention

Whether you are starting a movement practice, have the desire to work on a particular area of your body or learn to add modifications to adapt your movement practice to your needs, an individual session can help to speed up your learning process and improve your strength and mobility, as well as deepening your knowledge and understanding of your body. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask questions and to get personnalized feedback.

cours individuel

How Does It Work ?

Prior to our first one-on-one class, we'll have a free 15-min videochat to get to know each other and discuss about the approach we'll take to work towards your goals. You can schedule this free videochat by clicking on the button below. After this first meeting, you'll be able to schedule a one-on-one lesson, either for an in-person or online session.

What's Included ?

- A curated 60-minute class that will get you closer to your goals and make you more knowledgeable about your body.
- Follow-up email that includes "homeworks" in a short video format or recording of the session.
- Genuine support and attention throughout and outside the class.
- Mat & props if you don't have them (for in-person format).

What can I help you with ?

Mouvements Modernes®

Ideal for athletes and movement profesionnals, people recovering from injuries and/or looking for sound foundations.

  • → Restore and/or improve your articular strength & mobility
  • → Increase your performances in your favorite activity (sport, hobby, etc.)
  • → Build confidence in your movements
  • → Get a better understanding of how your body works and what areas to focus on
  • → Decrease pain
Progressive strength

Ideal for people who want to start strength training safely and become stronger.

  • → Learn how to regress & progress different exercises
  • → Get familiar with concepts such as progressive overload and the SAID principle
  • → Become more resilient and less prone to injuries
  • → Feel more confident in your body
  • → Understand how to use mindfulness in your workouts for better results
Movement acuity

Ideal for movement enthusiasts who want to enhance their practice with creative and intelligent movements.

  • → Improve your coordination and agility
  • → Develop more awareness and control in your movements
  • → Learn how to move with fluidity and to create your own flows
  • → Work on vision, proprio & interoception to increase your cognitive skills
Science-informed yoga

Ideal for yoga practionners interested in applying movement science to their practice.

  • → Learn to adapt your yoga practice to your body
  • → Get a better understanding of how to deconstruct an asana to learn its components
  • → Work towards a specific pose or flow (e.g. wheel pose, sun salutations, etc.)
  • → Develop movement intelligence and understanding of your own body