Cours en groupe privé

Create bonds, refine your technique

For a special occasion or a regular practice, spend a unique moment and reinforce bonds with your friends and loved ones in this intimate movement class, tailored for the group. While you will still get the boost and energy of a group class, it will be in a more familiar and relaxing setting, with more opportunity to get personalized feedback.

cours de yoga angers

How Does it Work ?

Prior to our first private group class, we'll have a free 15-min videochat. It will give us an opportunity to get acquainted and to discuss about your objectives if the group has any, so that I can tailor our first class together better. You can schedule this free videochat by clicking on the button below. After this first meeting, you'll be able to schedule a private group session, either for an in-person or online format.

What's included ?

- A curated 60-minute class adapted to the participants' needs and objectives.
- Recording of the session.
- Genuine support and attention throughout and outside the class.

Designed for two to five participants.


What can I help you with ?

Movement & Brain Screen

Ideal for athletes, people recovering from injuries and/or looking for sound foundations.

  • → Restore and/or improve your articular strength & mobility
  • → Increase your performances in your favorite activity (sport, hobby, etc.)
  • → Improve your cognitive skills to develop more coordination, agility and control
  • → Become more resilient, less prone to injuries and decrease pain
  • → Identify overcompensations in your body to get a better understanding of what areas to focus on
  • → Move with grace, fluidity and ease
Science-informed yoga

Ideal for yoga practionners interested in applying movement science to their practice.

  • → Learn to adapt your yoga practice to your body
  • → Get a better understanding of how to deconstruct an asana to learn its components
  • → Work towards a specific pose or flow (e.g. wheel pose, sun salutations, etc.)
  • → Develop a better control over your passive range of motion to increase your strength and resilience
  • → Learn to mobilize your joints as a way to minimize the risks of repetitive strain injuries
  • → Increase your knowledge in anatomy and physiology