Cours en entreprise

A rejuvenating break

Providing a space for employees to move, breath and rest has been shown to be beneficial in a workspace. Movement and breath work are effective ways to cultivate more mindfulness and calmness ; stress and anxiety are therefore reduced, which will impact positively the well-being of the employees at work.

cours en entreprise

How Does it Work ?

Prior to our first corporate class, we'll have a free 15-min videochat to get to know each other and discuss the approach we'll take to implement corporate movement classes at your company. You can schedule this free videochat by clicking on the button below.

Classes will be focused on mobility and movement, while also including gentle breathing and strenghtening exercises. If your employees have any special request as for what they'd like to practice, please let me know in the form when booking.

Many people don't have the time to practice a movement discipline outside of office hours ; therefore, offering them the opportunity to practice at their workplace is both rewarding for them and for the company. Ready to be innovative ?