Cours collectifs

An hour to move, explore & learn

Interdisciplinary movement classes that are meant to expand your movement repertoire and vocabulary. Designed with the goal of longevity in mind, they blend floowork, yoga, somatic movement, gross and fine motor skills, improvisation, and task-based movement. They are accessible to anyone curious to move in novel and nourishing ways.


Online classes are offered in english or french. They are designed to be accessible, so they require minimal to no props and are suitable to practice in small spaces. Turning your camera on is completely optional. Every online class is recorded and downloadable afterward.


If you're in the Angers area, you can join me for an in-person class. I'm teaching at two different locations:
  • → At The Flow, right in the city center of Angers, near the Place du Ralliement.
  • → At the Château de l'Épinay, in the countryside, south of Saint-Georges-sur-Loire.