Hi, I'm Noémie !

As a movement educator, my intention is to offer classes that are evidence-based, progressive, inclusive and playful. I aim to guide my students in a movement practice that is sustainable, adapted to their needs and promote self-inquiry and exploration beyond the mat.

Key elements

Teaching content: Strength & mobility progressions, Functional movements, Mindfulness

Teaching values: Inclusivity, Body-positivity, Sustainability, Playfulness, Authenticity, Evidence-based

Languages: French, English

Currently in: Angers, France

prof de yoga angers


Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. As we’re walking on a path, we’re collecting pieces of the puzzle here and there. They don’t look like much by themselves, but eventually, when we link them together, we’re getting a clearer picture of what we want, where we want to go and who we want to be. My puzzle looked like a mess for a long time ; maybe it was because I was missing pieces, or I wasn’t assembling them correctly, or I didn’t get that I needed to.

My horizon was comparable to a dense fog, obscructing paths and roadways. Not knowing where I was going, I found comfort in traveling. It was giving to my life an ephemeral meaning, enveloping me in a bubble outside of time, inside which I didn’t have to think about what was coming next. I was completely adrift for several years ; it wasn’t 2015 that things started to get unstucked. While traveling around Asia, I attended to a vipassana meditation retreat in Nepal – which would be followed by a second one a year after. I learned about the importance of observing the automatic responses of our minds in a given situation, and how reflecting on these responses can help us to bring more control and ease in our lives. I learned that worrying about the future and dwelling on the past wouldn’t lead me anywhere, and would only make me feel more miserable. During these intense meditation sessions, my mind started to fill up with ideas and strange images, which boosted my creativity and inspired me to, for once, commit to a goal.

From that point forward, I started to practice meditation, and, later on, asanas regularly, reading books on the matter and continiously seeking for more knowledge. It became clear to me that practicing yoga – asanas, meditation, breathing and applied philosophy – can make positive changes in our everyday lives.

This was the missing piece of the puzzle. Sharing what I learned in order to help others in their quest for balance and well-being inspired me to become a yoga teacher.

cours de yoga angers

The tipping point

While I experienced physical benefits thanks to my asana practice, I also started to experience wear and tear. Mobility was never an issue for me ; long passive stretchings and contortions were my jam – that’s probably why I liked asanas so much in first place. It all felt good, until my SI joints and my hips started to get cranky. Too much of a good thing, as we say.

It’s when listening to a podcast about a yoga teacher’s hip replacement that I started to question my practice and the mainstream approach to yoga nowadays. Why did I think that doing fancy poses would make me a better yogi ? Or a better teacher ? How could I’ve been so sure that I was listening to my body when I was actually pushing it to go into shapes it wasn’t ready and prepared for ? I believe I was lacking knowledge, humility and perspective about my practice. It never occured to me that asanas, as any other physical activity, can hurt when performed without proper training.

This experience opened my eyes. Mistakes and injuries are a source of learning. I started to understand why there are some asanas that aren’t a good fit for my body and why I shouldn’t practice them – or practice them differently. It helped me to develop more critical thinking, which is, I think, a crucial element for a healthy practice and mindset. That’s how I started to dig into the wonderful land of movement science and biomechanics applied to yoga. It became even clearer as a yoga teacher that I have the responsability to teach in tune with up to date scientific knowledge to serve my students better.

The teachers that are inspiring me in my never ending journey of learning are Brea Johnson, Carrie Owerko, Cecily Milne, Garrett Neill, Jenni Rawlings, Jules Mitchell, Kathryn Bruni-Young, Lauren Ohayon, Laurel Beversdorf, Trina Altman, the FRC, Z-Health and MovNat communities, to name only a few.

My current teaching puts an emphasis on function versus shapes ; I like to guide my students into a practice where there is a “why” behind every movement. In my classes, I’m exploring beyond the yoga world by incorporating other movement modalities, while still sharing principles of mindfulness and yoga philosophy.


Besides movement, art plays a big part in my life. I love drawing and analog photography as creative art forms. I found a similarity between movement and art : both are a way of expression, evolution and liberation. You can find out more on my other website, sintaedi.com.

“Minecraft” and “Heroes of Might and Magic III” are video games I play on a regular basis. You may hear songs from “The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time” popping up in my classes. Few years ago, I started to write a sci-fi novel that I hope to finish and publish one day. I sort of play the ukulele and I basically live on the floor, since I only own one chair.

Find me elsewhere

You can find me on Instagram, YogaTrail, Linkedin and in the Yoga Detour Directory.

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  • FRC - Functional Range Conditioning
  • Detour Method Synthesis - Yoga Detour
  • Mindful Strength Online Teacher’s Immersion - Kathryn Bruni-Young
  • Movement With a Brain - Erin Jade


  • Detour Method Online - Yoga Detour
  • Beyond Yoga Alignment / Yoga & Biomechanics - Jules Mitchell
  • Yoga for Lower Back Pain: Keys to Sacroiliac Stability and Ease of Movement - Donna Farhi


  • 200-hour YTT (Yoga Alliance)