Hi, I'm Noémie !

Key elements

Teaching content: Yoga, Somatics, Exploratory movement, Floorwork, Conscious breathing, Gross & fine motor skills

Teaching values: Sustainability, Inclusivity, Playfulness, Evidence-based

Certifications: 200-hour YTT, FRCms®

Languages: French, English

Currently in: Angers, France

noémie clémenceau


Former vinyasa yoga teacher, I quickly became interested in introducing different movement modalities into my teaching. My classes are blending somatics, fluid and floor-based movements with strength and mobility progressions based on principles of movement science and neuroscience. I am as passionate about the scientific aspect of movement as I am about its intuitive and exploratory forms.

Since my intention is to offer classes that are evidence-based, educative, and inquisitive, I aim to guide you in a practice that isn't just helping you to become stronger and more mobile over time, but is also going to improve your autonomy, critical thinking, awareness, confidence, and knowledge.

My goal is that after the class, you're not only feeling better physically and mentally, but you also learned something new about your body.

The Three Tenets

→ Mindfulness

Moving with focus and attention is essential in order to get familiar with how our bodies move and respond to stimuli. Having an increased awareness of our movements helps us to refine and sharpen our movement skills.

Therefore, throughout the practice, I invite you to reflect on your experiences and what you can observe; cultivating mindfulness and attention helps to boost our cognitive functions, which helps us to assimilate skills better.

→ Thoughtfulness

I believe it is my role to not only teach movement, but to also educate my students about movement. Like the concept of finding the perfect alignment to be "safe", there can be many widespread misconceptions and dogmas out there that aren't serving the people who want to move. I found that many people are actually disempowered and afraid to move because they fear that they will do "something wrong".

Your body is incredible and can do amazing things. It is strong, capable, adaptable, and resilient. There is always room to learn and to feel better; nothing is ever rigid and unchangeable.

→ Playfulness

Adding playfulness and self-exploration to movement also increases the assimilation of new inputs and information. We are more likely to improve our memory and refine our skills when play is involved in movement. I'm often using props and accessories to create playful challenges and movement puzzles. It opens up new movement opportunities that allow you to move more autonomously, which increases your confidence and empowers you to own your practice.


Besides teaching and practicing movement, art plays a big part in my life. I love drawing and analog photography as creative art forms. I found a similarity between movement and art: both are a way of expression, evolution, and liberation. You can find out more on my other website, noemie-clemenceau.art.

I play “Minecraft” on a regular basis and I like to sneak remixes from diverse old-school video games into my classes. I’ve probably listened to all the lo-fi, trip-hop, and chillhop compilations on Youtube, and I drink more coffee than reasonable. I’ve got a seamstress diploma, worked as a tour guide in a slate mine, a photographer in a theme park, making and selling street food, a bartender, a waitress, a life model, and an improvised english teacher. I love designing websites, it is to me yet another form of art.

Traveling has been a big factor of personal growth for me; when I was 19, I lived and volunteered in Romania for 9 months, which triggered many more travels, mainly within Europe and Asia. It’s in Nepal that I got into meditation and participated in two Vipassana retreats, which eventually lead me to start practicing yoga. My fascination for Japanese art and culture brought me to teach yoga and movement for a year in Kyoto.

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  • FC1 - Floorwork Academy

  • 2020

    • FRC - Functional Range Conditioning®


    • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance)