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Yoga & Movement - Noémie Clémenceau

Awareness in motion

Moving with awareness sharpens our body-mind relation. It’s this relation that can help us to be more attuned to our inner and outer environment, as well as improving our overall well-being (mental and  physical).

As a yoga and movement teacher, my intention is to offer classes that are evidence-based, progressive, inclusive and playful. I aim to guide my students in a movement practice that is sustainable, adapted to their needs and promote self-inquiry beyond the mat.

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Functional, Mindful & Sustainable

Movements for a nurturing practice
cours de yoga angers

Public Class

Attending to public classes at a studio is a great way to start moving, exploring new horizons, getting a better understanding of your body and to meet a community of like-minded people.

cours de yoga angers

Individual Session

Receive special care and attention with a private session designed for your own needs and goals. Explore new possibilities, deepen your knowledge and learn to adapt your practice to your body.

cours de yoga angers

Corporate Class

Why not dedicating a space for you and your employees to practice yoga at work ? Numerous benefits are attributed to the practice of a physical activity during office hours. Ready to make a positive change ?

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