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I’m Noémie, movement educator with a strong interest in kinesiology and neuroscience. I offer individual and group classes that are helping my students to not only enhance their strength and the way they move, but also their confidence and understanding of how their bodies work. My approach to teaching is evidence-based, progressive, inclusive and educative, always adapted to the needs of my students to meet them where they’re at.

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Move. Learn. Refine.

I teach a multidisciplinary approach to movement, built on three main pillars : playfulness, mindfulness and educatedness. I'll help you enhance your movement creativity and develop more ease, trust and understanding of your body.

Public Classes

Take an hour to move in novel and nourishing ways, taking time to breath, introspect and reset. Different styles of classes are offered, either in-person or online.

Individual Session

Receive special care and attention with a private session designed to help you achieving your goals faster. Explore new possibilities, deepen your knowledge and make a real difference.

Corporate Classes

Why not dedicating a space for you and your employees to practice yoga at work ? Numerous benefits are attributed to the practice of a physical activity during office hours. Ready to make a positive change ?

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